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The Importance of Prompt Instrumentarium Support

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Having issues with your Instrumentarium machines? We are here to help with prompt and dependable Instrumentarium support. We know you depend on your equipment and so we always work to get you the repair and service when you need it. We can even provide technical assistance on a contractual basis and stock parts for a… Read more »

Getting the Soredex Dental Parts You Need for Your Business

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Whether you are an orthodontist, cosmetic dentist, oral surgeon, family dentist, lab technician or office manager, you understand the importance of a properly working Soredex X-ray dental machine. And, you understand the need for quality Soredex dental parts. At TEC, Technical Electronic Contractors, we know Soredex. We provide dependable assistance with parts, procedures and calibration…. Read more »

Dental Imaging Parts FAQ

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When you’re looking for dental X-ray equipment and parts, you have different options. You can go straight to the manufacturer, shop the treacherous online marketplace or go with a trusted name in dental imaging parts like Technical Electronic Contractors. Here at TEC, we have decades of experience providing dental imaging parts, services and repair. In… Read more »

Fast, Easy & Thorough Support for Your Soredex or Instrumentarium Pan/Ceph X-Ray Dental Systems

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No one wants to have to wait for help when they need it most and the same goes for your dental office. When your dental equipment goes down, your business suffers. Dental offices that use sophisticated digital x-ray equipment need IT support with a deeper understanding of these systems. At Technical Electronic Contractors, we understand… Read more »

Why You Should Be Getting Your Dental Imaging Parts from a Third Party

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When it comes to your practice’s dental imaging machines, when they go down–they go down fast. A downed dental imaging machine can wreak havoc; causing delays in your patients’ care and much more. But while you may require parts and services quickly, you should not ignore the need for dependability and affordability as well. That’s… Read more »

Types of X-Ray Machines Repair

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X-ray machines revolutionized the medical world, helping doctors to provide more accurate diagnosis and plan treatment. X-ray machines are very important to the field so it is no surprise the way they are repaired has come a long way over the years as well. X-ray machines are incredibly useful to you and your practice, and… Read more »

About the Novus Digital Panoramic X-Ray

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Are you looking for a panoramic x-ray machine that’s of high quality and easy to use? Look no further than the Novus Digital Panoramic X-Ray! Atlanta area dental practices love their Novus Panoramic X-Ray machines and we are here to tell you why. As a company that provides technical assistance on a variety of dental… Read more »

Getting the Facts about Dental Equipment Repair

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If you own or manage a dental, Orthodontic or Oral Surgery office then you know how important dental equipment repair can be to the function and efficiency of your business. When a machine goes down, it can wreak havoc on the workflow of your office and patient satisfaction. As experts in dental equipment service for… Read more »