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  • Getting the Soredex Dental Parts You Need for Your Business

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    Whether you are an orthodontist, cosmetic dentist, oral surgeon, family dentist, lab technician or office manager, you understand the importance of a properly working Soredex X-ray dental machine. And, you understand the need for quality Soredex dental parts. At TEC,

  • Keep Your Dental Equipment Up & Running with the Proper Replacement Parts

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    Here at Technical Electronic Contractors, Inc., we understand that when your machine goes down, your work and your office can suffer. Don’t jump to buying an entirely new machine or calling the manufacturer; contact the experts here at TEC for

  • Procedures, Parts & Calibration for Your Soredex Dental Products

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    At TEC, Technical Electronic Contractors, we know Soredex. We provide help with procedures, parts and calibration for Soredex dental products for Atlanta and all over. And, as experts in Soredex, we would like to offer help and suggestions to keep

  • Common Repairs for Your Soredex X-Ray Machines

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    As a dental office, you likely get much use out of your Soredex X-Ray machines. In fact, they are likely some of the most essential machines in your office. That’s why, when you’re having issues with your Soredex, you should

  • Questions about Panoramic Machine Repair

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    Having issues with your Instrumentarium in Atlanta? Your panoramic machines are designed, built and tested to last. But sometimes, with any technology, these products can disappoint. Rather than just purchase a new one, you can entrust reliable support to ensure