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  • The Importance of Regular Dental Equipment Service

    The Importance of Regular Dental Equipment Service

    Parts & Equipment | |

    Maintaining dental equipment is a fundamental aspect of running a successful dental practice. While it may not always be top-of-mind for busy dental professionals, regular maintenance plays a crucial role in ensuring patient safety, practice efficiency and cost savings. When

  • 4 Steps to Panoramic X-ray Repairs

    4 Steps to Panoramic X-ray Repairs

    Panoramic X-ray Machines | |

    If you run a dental practice, you know that a Panoramic X-Ray can be a significant source of both knowledge and income. Keeping your equipment functioning properly can make or break a practice. Broken equipment leads to longer wait times

  • How to Get the Help You Need for Your Orthopantomograph

    Technical Support | |

    The Orthopantomograph is a convenient, inexpensive and rapid way to evaluate the gross anatomy of the jaws and related pathology. It is the most comprehensive 3-in-1 platform designed for today and tomorrow but even these very well-designed, high-quality machines can

  • Fast, Easy & Thorough Support for Your Soredex or Instrumentarium Pan/Ceph X-ray Dental Systems

    Technical Support | |

    No one wants to have to wait for help when they need it most and the same goes for your dental office. When your dental equipment goes down, your business suffers. Dental offices that use sophisticated digital X-ray equipment need

  • Getting the Facts about Dental Equipment Repair

    Technical Support | |

    If you own or manage a dental, Orthodontic or Oral Surgery office then you know how important dental equipment repair can be to the function and efficiency of your business. When a machine goes down, it can wreak havoc on