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Dental Equipment Repair Checklist

As you may well know, managing a dental office and the necessary dental equipment repair tasks can be time consuming. Due to the amount of equipment that must be routinely cleaned, disinfected and maintained, there are a variety of tasks you have to stay on top of. And, then there’s essential dental equipment repair that must be addressed from time to time. And, replacement must be timely as well to ensure patient and staff safety.

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Are you staying on top of all your essential dental equipment repair at your Atlanta area office? There may be some tasks you’ve been putting off or are unaware of. In order to help, the experts at TEC Electronic are here to provide a checklist of common repairs you might need to tackle. And, if you ensure these essential tasks are taken care of by performing regular dental equipment maintenance and repair you can minimize the risk for poor functioning or damage. It can also extend the life of your instruments and equipment, saving you money.

When a machine is having issues, start by troubleshooting the problem. Give us a call at TEC and we can walk you through the entire process and then help you find the issue. Here are some more important tasks to check off your list:

  • Calibration
  • Alignment
  • Lubrication, disinfection, cleaning, draining
  • Checking and replacing traps, gaskets and handpieces.
  • Cleaning the panoramic/cephalic cassettes and intensifying screen
  • Look at the office from the dental chair to see the office from the patient’s perspective and clean as needed
  • Check for safety hazards in the office
  • And more

And these are just some of the maintenance tasks you should consider. And, when bigger problems arise, timely dental equipment repair from a trusted company from TEC is in order. Keeping basic maintenance items on task can also make it easier to perform simple dental equipment repair tasks without letting them progress to more serious issues.

It is important you contact us as soon as you notice an issue. If we are unable to come out to your office, we can offer telephone troubleshooting to pinpoint the issue and send you the parts you need. We can help with a variety of issues. In addition to offering service for products in production, we also offer products and services for those no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Are you interested in dental equipment repair in Atlanta or anywhere in the United States? Call Technical Electronic Contractors at 612-963-8337 or Contact Us to learn more.