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Dental Imaging Parts FAQ

When you’re looking for dental X-ray equipment and parts, you have different options. You can go straight to the manufacturer, shop the treacherous online marketplace or go with a trusted name in dental imaging parts like Technical Electronic Contractors. Here at TEC, we have decades of experience providing dental imaging parts, services and repair. In fact, in 1996, TEC developed the original in-house training programs for Instrumentarium. Since then, we have provided back-up technical services and parts on these kinds of top-quality units. We are passionate about dental imaging parts. We specialize in and stock high quality dental imaging parts and can ship to anywhere you are! We even offer troubleshooting over-the-phone to help with all of your dental imaging needs. Our products are thoroughly tested to make sure that our customers throughout the world receive the best quality parts. Our professionals ensure that our parts are top quality replacement parts that can pass the test!

When you’re in need of dental imaging parts, you may have a few questions. Here is a list of the most common questions we get about dental imaging parts. Please have a look the following frequently asked questions and their responses:

I need a part right away! What do I do? 

One of our representatives at TEC will happily walk you through the process of purchasing replacement medical parts. Our commitment to quality service does not end at the sale, as our trained professionals will package and ship your replacement parts with the most efficient shipping method that best fits with your time frame. Then, we can help you set up, calibrate and troubleshoot your dental imaging parts and/or machine so that you can get things back up and running as they should. 

Why shouldn’t I call the manufacturer for parts?

For one, we have the parts you need. Cranex D sensors are no longer available from the manufacturer, but they are from us and our warranty for these is far better than what it was from the manufacturer.

With TEC, you also don’t have to pay the dealer mark up, we sell directly to you. 

Calling dental imaging manufacturers can also mean a long, drawn out process. When it comes to dental tool companies and manufacturers, there can often be many roadblocks that can make repair and the ordering of parts difficult. Many dental companies and manufactures that sell the technology want to do their best to control every angle of it. And by doing so, they make repairing and servicing their technology all the more complicated. 

How do I get technical support for parts? 

We supply technical support. We answer our telephones and won’t send to a “Legacy ” wait list where you have to wait for a call back. 

When you get your dental imaging parts from TEC, we work to get you the parts you need and the services you require. And, get you the dental imaging parts you need when you need them without all the hassle.

What condition are your parts? 

Our part inventory is made up of new and professionally refurbished dental imaging parts.

What kind of parts do you offer?

From power supplies to sensors, we have everything you need to keep your dental office equipment up and running! We don’t work with chairs, units, nor intraoral machines. We specialize in Panoramic, Cephalometric and Cone beam units. We are experts in this. 

We know how much you depend on your equipment to function correctly and we are here to help by supplying the dental X-ray parts you need when you need them. To learn more about dental imaging parts, call Technical Electronic Contractors at 612-963-8337 or Contact Us to learn more.