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Fast, Easy & Thorough Support for Your Soredex or Instrumentarium Pan/Ceph X-ray Dental Systems

No one wants to have to wait for help when they need it most and the same goes for your dental office. When your dental equipment goes down, your business suffers. Dental offices that use sophisticated digital X-ray equipment need IT support with a deeper understanding of these systems. At Technical Electronic Contractors, we understand that and are here to help. We offer fast, easy, expert over-the-phone support to get things back up and running as soon as possible. We can even come out to your Atlanta office to fix any issues you’re having with your Soredex or Instrumentarium Pan/Ceph X-ray dental systems. Atlanta businesses depend on us for fast, easy and professional support and we are here to tell you more about this essential service. 

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Whether your Soredex or Instrumentarium X-ray dental systems are just acting up or they’ve completely gone down, you will be able to call us for assistance. We will begin work right away to get you the help you need. Our number one goal is to provide your practice with the critical IT support it deserves to operate at full capacity. We have numerous techs available to support your Soredex or Instrumentarium Pan/Ceph X-ray dental systems.

Why TEC (not the manufacturer) should be your first call:

Calling dental tool companies can often mean a long, drawn out process. With the manufacturer, there can often be many roadblocks that can make repair difficult. Many dental companies and manufactures that sell the technology want to do their best to control every angle of it. And by doing so, they make repairing and servicing their technology all the more difficult. That’s where we come in. We are the ones who can fix it. And, we can even do it over the phone! That’s what makes us unique. We want to make your job easier and we do so by supplying you with the repairs you need when you need them. In fact, our number one priority is to help dental offices the technical support they need for their Soredex X-ray dental systems, wherever they are and whatever they’re experiencing. 

The importance of fast, professional help:

No matter how well they are made or how well you care for them, there are a variety of issues that can still arise with your Soredex X-ray dental systems. Things like cable protectors and connector wear can all attribute to an X-ray sensor not functioning correctly. These are issues that must be addressed straight away; so when something doesn’t seem to be working correctly, just give us a call at TEC and we can walk you through the entire process and then help you fix the issue as quickly as possible. 

Do you need help with Soredex or Instrumentarium X-ray dental systems in Atlanta or anywhere in the United States? If so, call Technical Electronic Contractors at 612-963-8337 or Contact Us to learn more.