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A Brief History of Cranex D: A Soredex Panoramic X-Ray

The Cranex D was Soredex’s first Panoramic X-ray that implemented the “Graphic User Interface” or GUI. This GUI is very similar to the control panel on the Cranex D Panoramic X-ray machine, but not identical. The first rendition of the Cranex D Panoramic X-ray used both a dual “ST” fiber optic cable and a custom serial cable that required two serial connections on the computer, as well as the PCI slot for the PCI fiber card. This PCI fiber card was made specifically for the Cranex D, and the OP 100 and OP 200 which were manufactured by Instrumentarium. The Cranex D serial connection was originally designed around the XP operating system. This serial connection had to be rate-restricted and defined to Com 1 and Com 2. Later drivers allowed it to be used with Windows 7 and Windows 10. The original Cranex D by Soredex can occasionally be used with Windows 10, but not always.

The revised Cranex D improved upon by Soredex, eliminated the need for serial cables. The control panel changed color from dark and blue to white and silver. All data between the computer and the Cranex D was by way of the dual “ST” fiber cable. The PCI card continued to be required as the interface. The I/O board and its control module were upgraded to allow this better communication. The rotation speed was also improved from 17 seconds to 11 seconds. The sensors for the Cranex D used CCD and phosphor. This system had a high signal to noise ratio that gave good image quality. In our opinion, the raw images from the Cranex D are significantly better than the raw images from the OP 300, OP 30 and the newer panoramic X-ray systems that use the Field Effect sensors. The new systems require very high levels of image processing. Someday, we fear that the computer will provide more information than X-ray. The Cranex D by Soredex does not have this issue.

cranex d panoramic x-ray machine

More recently, a PCIe interface card has been offered by the manufacturer. This will not work with the dark control panel system (Cranex D with serial cable). “Updating” a computer to the PCIe drivers is a one-way trip. The system cannot be restored to its former operation.

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