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Proper Dental X-ray Maintenance & Parts

When it comes to your dental office, there’s more to providing great care than having high-quality dental equipment. It is also important to take the time to care for and maintain your equipment. By remaining proactive about dental X-ray machine maintenance as well as finding the very best in dental X-ray parts, you can avoid costly repairs that could limit your ability to diagnose or complete dental treatment for your patients. But what does it take to properly care for your dental X-ray machines and why is it so important? We are here to answer just that!

dental X-ray parts

To avoid unforeseen risks for your patients, it is important to develop a regular maintenance routine for your dental X-ray machine. Hardware should be calibrated and serviced on a consistent basis for quality assurance and quality control. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when performing any maintenance tasks.

Keeping your dental X-ray machine in top working order is vital in order to produce the best images. Even small things like smudges, cracks, and dust can diminish the diagnostic quality of images.

Any staff members that use the equipment should be trained to perform routine checks, typically both before and after use of the machine. It’s easiest to provide a list of instructions for what to inspect, as well as how to report any issues. If you do detect a problem, contact the experts at Technical Electronic Contractors right away so we can help diagnose the problem as well as provide any necessary dental X-ray parts or services. Avoid using the machine until the issue has been addressed and cleared for use.

Proper calibration is also important to the overall health of your dental X-ray machines. We not only offer a step-by-step guide online but we can also offer in-person assistance or telephone assistance and troubleshooting to help you along.

When you shop for dental X-ray parts from Technical Electronic Contractors, you’re not only getting high-quality equipment at a great price, you’re also getting our excellent customer service. From the moment you contact us for more information about our available parts or units, through the purchase and maintenance of them, we’re here to help.

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