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To Rebuild or Replace Dental Equipment: That is the Question

If you own or manage a dental, Orthodontic or Oral Surgery office than you likely use Digital Panoramic and/or Pan/Ceph X-ray machines. And, when your machine goes down, it can wreak havoc on the efficiency of your office and affect the happiness of your patients. Your first instinct may be to replace your machine. However, as you know, this can be extremely costly; with today’s machines being between $10,000 and $20,000 a pop. But, did you know that replacement isn’t the only solution? Here at TEC Electronic, we are one of the only companies in the USA that can rebuild your Digital Panoramic (x-ray) and Cephalometric sensors. So, don’t give up on your machine, contact the experts here at TEC and we can help things get back up and running! As experts offering Orthopantomograph Service for Atlanta as well as troubleshooting and other dental equipment services, we’d like to offer more information on why repair may be the answer.Orthopantomograph service

When you do encounter issues with your sensors; whether it’s just acting up or is completely broken, you should always call the experts for help. When it comes to dental tool companies, there can often be many roadblocks that can make repair difficult. Many dental companies and manufactures that sell the technology want to do their best to control every angle of it. And by doing so, they make repairing and servicing their technology all the more difficult. That’s where we come in. We are the ones who can fix it!

At TEC, we understand that everything you do during your busy day revolves around keeping patients safe and happy. But what if there is more you could be doing? One of them being the fast and efficient repair of your essential digital panoramic and X-ray machines. By avoiding replacement and going for repairs and rebuilding, you can also save you and your office thousands of dollars.

At Technical Electronic Contractors, we understand that when your equipment goes down, your business can suffer. A malfunctioning machine can cause longer wait times for your patients and even influence the reputation of your office.

That’s why at TEC, we take our job seriously. We know how much you depend on your equipment to function correctly and we are here to help with comprehensive and efficient Orthopantomograph service you can trust.

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