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Types of X-ray Machines Repair

X-ray machines revolutionized the medical world, helping doctors to provide more accurate diagnosis and plan treatment. X-ray machines are very important to the field so it is no surprise the way they are repaired has come a long way over the years as well. X-ray machines are incredibly useful to you and your practice, and we understand how the inconvenience of a malfunctioning machine can halt business. To help you keep your X-ray machine performing at its peak and reduce the amount of downtime it experiences, the experts at Technical Electronic Contractors would like to discuss some X-ray machines repair and services that you should be aware of. We are the trusted professionals in X-ray machines repair for Atlanta and can help you with a variety of services to keep your office running like it should.

Over-the-Phone Support

When you need X-ray machines repair; whether it’s just acting up or is completely broken, you have the option to call the experts at TEC Electronic for help. While calling dental tool companies can often mean a long, drawn out process; a dental equipment repair company like ours simply has your best interest in mind. With the manufacturer, there can often be many roadblocks that can make repair difficult. Many dental companies and manufactures that sell the technology want to do their best to control every angle of it. And by doing so, they make repairing and servicing their technology all the more difficult. That’s where we come in. We are the ones who can fix it. And, we can even do it over the phone! That’s what makes us unique. We want to make your job easier and we do so by supplying you with the repairs you need when you need them. In fact, our number one priority is to help dental offices get the X-ray technical support they need, wherever they are.

On-site Repair

In addition to getting over-the-phone support, dependable on-site repair is another important aspect of X-ray machines repair. Servicing should be carried out by experienced and trained dental equipment professionals like those at TEC. We can come to your practice to diagnose malfunctions in existing equipment as well as newly purchased equipment.

X-ray machines repair

Replacement Parts

At TEC we offer a wide variety of different parts from power switches to drive motors to pan ceph sensors to hand controls and more to help get your X-ray machines back up and working as they should. We offer parts for:

We also offer entire machines and other items for sale. Whatever it is you need, we can ship the parts directly to you are come in to your Atlanta office to install them for you.

Routine Testing & Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance can also help prevent dental equipment failure down the line. Routine testing of an X-ray machine helps keep it performing as it should as well as identified small issues before they become catastrophic problems. Routine performance and safety testing should be done by a trained professional and are conducted to make sure that the machine each component is performing at its peak and does not pose a safety threat. During the inspection, parts may be cleaned and hardware tightened.

Having issues with your X-ray machines? It is important you contact us as soon as you notice an issue for experienced X-ray machines repair. If we are unable to come out to your office, we can offer telephone troubleshooting to pinpoint the issue and send you the parts you need.

Do you require X-ray machines repair at your Atlanta office? Contact the experts at Technical Electronic Contractors at 612-963-8337 or Contact Us to learn more.