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Why You Should Upgrade to Digital Panoramic X-Rays

If your practice still relies on film X-rays, it’s time for you to upgrade to digital panoramic X-rays instead! However, a new digital panoramic X-ray can cost a pretty penny and can be one of the biggest cons to converting. That’s why we are happy to offer used digital panoramic X-rays so that the swap is more affordable than ever.

If increased affordability isn’t enough to sway you, here are some pros to swapping to digital from film for your dental practice!

1. High-Quality Images

Digital panoramic X-rays boast equivalent or even better image quality to that of traditional, film X-rays. If you make the swap to digital, you won’t have to worry about losing quality!

Soredex Cranex d-2

2. Less Time Required

Film can take a few minutes to develop, which doesn’t sound like a long time until you hear that digital X-rays are ready within seconds! You can cut down on wait times and increase efficiency in your practice by swapping to digital panoramic X-rays.

3. No Harmful Chemicals

One of the biggest downsides to film are the harmful chemicals required to develop the images. You have to ensure that any employee is properly trained in handling and disposing of these chemicals, which itself can be a hassle. However, digital X-rays don’t require any harmful chemicals to develop, so you can cut down on risk within your practice.

4. Easier Data Storage

Instead of requiring physical space to file film X-rays for long-term storage, using digital panoramic X-rays instead can eliminate wasted space in your office! You can convert the space you used to dedicate to storing film X-rays to a more productive function while you store your new digital X-rays on a computer!

5. Availability of Image Enhancement Tools

If you still aren’t sold on the swap to a used digital panoramic X-ray, there’s also the added benefit of image enhancement tools. As your X-ray images will now be available on the computer, you can utilize a wide array of image enhancement tools to increase your ability to view and diagnose potential issues. With tools to do everything from increase contrast to zoom in to alter coloring, you will be able to increase the accuracy with which you can diagnose patients, leading to increased patient satisfaction!

When you are ready to make the swap from film X-rays to a new-to-you digital panoramic X-ray, check out our selection of used equipment and parts! Call Technical Electronic Contractors today at 612-963-8337 or contact us!