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Where to Go When You Need Parts for Your OP-200 Series

No matter how well you train employees on the use of your machines, how well they are made or how well you care for them, there are a variety of issues that can still arise with your dental X-ray machines. Things like hand held controls, sensors, cables and connectors can fail, causing the need for parts, repair or replacement. When you do encounter issues with your OP-100, OP-200, Cranex or other machine; whether it’s simply acting up or is completely broken, you should always call the experts for help. 

OP-200 parts atlanta

However, when it comes to dental tool companies, there can often be many roadblocks that can make repair difficult. Many dental companies and manufactures that sell the technology want to do their best to control every angle of it. And by doing so, they make repairing and servicing their technology all the more difficult. However, when you contact the experts at Technical Electronic Contractors, Inc., we can help you get the Cranex, OP-100 or OP-200 parts you need for your Atlanta business, easily and without hassle. We can even help you with any repairs you require. In fact, TEC has been helping dental offices like yours since 1996, providing OP-200 parts well as back-up technical services on many top-quality units. We even rebuild the sensors, both pan and ceph, at a fraction of the price of a new sensor, with a better warranty than a new sensor. 

In fact, we offer our services for products in production, such as the OP-100 & 200, or for products that are no longer supported by the MFG, such as those made by Philips Dental Services. 

If you believe your machine is likely repairable then give our team a call to discuss the issues you’re facing with it. We can provide you with back-up technical services on many top-quality units. We are even well-versed in top-of-the line equipment; whatever 3D imagining issues you are having we can help.

It is important any maintenance, repairs or replacement for your dental products is done professionally and expertly. It is also important any OP-200 parts come from a trusted source and are the right ones for your machine. We can provide you with all of this and more. From power supplies to inverters to sensors, we have everything you need to keep your dental office equipment up and running!

If you are a service manager, technician, dental office manager or anyone else who works in a dental office, give us a call to learn more about our parts and technical assistance services. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and put you on our schedule.

We serve the Atlanta area as well as the entire United States. Call 612-963-8337 or Contact Us to learn more about OP-200 parts for your Atlanta business.