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Orthopantomograph Computers

Do you need a replacement computer for your Orthopantomograph machine? Technical Electronic Contractors has replacement computers for Orthopantomograph 100, 200 and Cranex D. We have the parts and equipment needed to keep your dental X-ray equipment working how it should.

These Dell 7040 MT computers, refurbished with SSD, 16 gig Ram and tested with the OP are ready to go. You can purchase them with the Dual ST Fiber PCI cards as well. A simple imaging program is included for saving images. These desktop PCs are fast and modern using Windows 10 and the drivers for whichever system you request. The Cranex D units include an appropriate GUI.

We also offer just the SSD, pretested in a 3010 or a 7040 with Windows 10 and drivers. All you need to add are gain files for your sensors. Practice management software is not included. The 7040mt has outputs for HDMI monitors as well as many USB slots. Monitor not included.

  • Dell 7040 mt with SSD 512G, Windows 10, PCI card and drivers
  • SSD (512 G, Windows 10) and drivers
  • PCI card with driver on USB

Computers for 3D applications are also available, preloaded for certain CBCT units.

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