Completely Rebuilt OP-100D

OP-100D Panoramic X-Ray


  • OP-100D Panoramic X-Ray various years, rebuilt and guaranteed.
  • These machines are heavy duty and will last a long time. They are not manufactured any more, but all parts available.
  • Harnesses and drive wheels have been replaced, or are like new.
  • These are easy to use and take great images. Parts warranty one year
  • Panoramic (without computer ) includes PCI card and drivers.
  • Pan/Ceph with PCI card.
  • Independent dealers are welcome.

Great deals! Call 612-963-8337 for pricing.


View parts we have available for OP100 and OP200 dental X-ray equipment. We have terminals, sensors, control panels and more. Contact Technical Electronic Contractors for more information!

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