TEC Services

Technical Electronic Contractors, Inc.

Services offered (Philips, Soredex, many models):
  • Telephone troubleshooting and calibration.
  • Parts Sales (New, refurbished, used)
  • On site Repair/Alignment
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Factory trained Machine move.
    (Safely disassemble/Secure/ Move/Reassemble)
  • Technical Training
  • Factory/State compliance testing
  • Board level update and repair of 601 & 602 PSU bds (soredex)
    (Replace HV filters/Switching Transistors.)
  • Board level update and repair of PLU bds (Soredex)
    (From 601 to 602 PSU operation)
  • Calibration of Boards with replacement
    Tube head.
Services Offered (Instrumentarium, many models):
  • Telephone troubleshooting
  • Parts sales (New, refurbished, Used)
  • Factory trained Machine move
  • Factory/State compliance testing
  • Periodic Maintenance/ AEC cal
  • On site repair/Calibration/Alignment

Other Services Offered:

  • Hard to find Panoramic X-ray parts
  • Philips Dental parts, as available
  • Technical consultation and contracting available.
  • Do not call for SS White, GE, Lumix, Belmont Ritter, Litton, or other antique X-ray parts aside from Philips, Siemens, and Soredex.