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Quality Soredex/Cranex Dental X-ray Machine & Equipment Parts & Repairs

Dental X-ray machines and equipment isn’t cheap. The average X-ray machine can cost thousands of dollars, and you also have to include the cost of maintenance, training and new X-ray film. So, if the Soredex/Cranex machine and equipment in your dental office isn’t properly working or has stopped functioning altogether, let Technical Electronic Contractors (TEC) repair it instead of rushing out to buy a new machine.

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Why Repair Your Soredex/Cranex Equipment?

By having your Soredex/Cranex equipment repaired by TEC:

  • You’ll save on not having to buy a machine and all the costs that come with it, including:
    • Training staff on how to use the new X-ray machine
    • Equipment costs, including new X-ray film and other “add-ons”
  • You’ll have a working machine often in less time than it would take to have a new one shipped to your practice
  • The TEC staff will provide you with valuable tips and information to keep your machine in fine working order.

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