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Soredex X-ray Machines

Do you need help with or parts for your Soredex X-ray machines? Technical Electronic Contractors, Inc. is here to help! The experts here at TEC fully understand how important it is to get your Soredex X-ray machines up and running as soon as possible and in good condition. That’s why we specialize in maintenance, repair and parts for all of your Soredex dental products’ needs.

As a dental office, it is likely you take x-rays on a daily or even hourly basis, so it is important your machines are always in good working order. That’s where we come in. Give us a call to learn more about our parts and technical assistance services we provide. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about Soredex X-ray machines and put you on our schedule. We can even offer over-the-phone support to help get your machine working again as soon as possible.

Need parts for your Soredex X-ray machines? We sell parts for Soredex/Cranex dental X-ray equipment. See what we have available! Ready to learn more? Contact Technical Electronic Contractors for more information.

Soredex X-ray Machine Help from TEC

When you need assistance or parts for your Soredex X-ray machines, we are the experts you can depend on. At TEC, we have been helping dental offices like yours since 1996, providing back-up technical services on many top-quality units. Our years of experience give us the expertise necessary to help fix a variety of machines and stock the very best in parts. We can provide technical assistance on a contractual basis and stock parts for a variety of machines as well. We also offer over-the-phone of in-person calibration and other Soredex procedures to help keep your Soredex up and running as it should. We can even ship parts and offer over-the-phone assistance to your dental office anywhere in the United States.

Let TEC Electronic help service and repair your Soredex X-ray Machine

In fact, we offer a variety of great services for your Soredex X-ray machines, including:

  • Soredex parts for sale
  • Calibration/alignment
  • Factory trained machine move
  • On-site repair
  • Telephone troubleshooting
  • Periodic maintenance/ AEC calibration
  • And more

Do you have a troublesome Soredex in your office? Don’t hesitate to call the experts at TEC to learn more about the many services we can provide for you and your Soredex! We will be happy to answer any questions you have about Soredex X-ray machines and get you the help you need.

Contact Us about Soredex X-ray Machines

When you need help with your Soredex X-ray machines anywhere in the United States, call Technical Electronic Contractors at 612-963-8337 or Contact Us to learn more.