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Repair or Replace Your Soredex Dental X-ray Machine?

When your Soredex X-ray machine isn’t working as it should, do you replace it or opt for repairs?

It’s an important question. After all, your X-ray machine is one of the most important pieces of technology in your office. It allows you to detect small problems in your patients before they turn into larger ones, so you need it to always be working. However, it’s a machine, and as is the case with any machine, repairs and regular maintenance are inevitable.

The benefits of repairs

Why opt for repairs before whipping out the credit card to buy a new machine?

  • Repairs are often done more quickly than it would take to ship a new machine to your office.
  • Buying a new machine means having to buy new film, invest time and funds into training, among other add-on costs.
  • Dental X-ray machines are VERY expensive pieces of equipment, often costing tens of thousands of dollars to purchase.
  • The firm or company that handles your repairs will likely want to have a long-term, professional relationship with you, so they will often to serve as your technical support and assistance contact should you have other issues or problems with your machine.

You’ve already invested a great deal into your current machine. Invest a little more and see if you can get it working again before you decide to buy a new product.